Bali Update News| Is Bali Island worth to visit in 2023?

Travel and Leisure has just released a list of the best islands in the world in 2023. This list was created based on the results of a survey of around 165 thousand of their readers.
Travel and Leisure readers were asked to rate the world tourist destination islands based on a number of criteria, including natural tourist attractions or beaches, tourist activities offered, and the quality of restaurants or food.
As a result, one of the islands in Indonesia, namely Bali, entered the list of the world's best islands with a score of 94.40 points.

"Bali is famous for its world-class resorts, luxury spas and health retreats. This island has strong roots in spirituality and tradition, so visitors can immerse themselves in the culture of the island of Bali," said Travel and Leisure editorial staff in a release,

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Bali News Update

Bali is the best tourist Desination?

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