Ayung river rafting will start from the hotel pick-up schedule and go down to the starting point.Experience guides give you a short training before activity. The safe and high quality raw boat rubber movement is also led by professional guides. Experienced through interesting and challenging rapids full of fun. Your trip on the river with class I – III rafting class baths in natural waterfalls. You can see the wild scenery of Bali, which represents an extraordinary experience that is not forgotten. Your Ayung river rafting adventure on the water will end at the finish point. You can enjoy a buffet lunch at the same time and explore the nature of Ubud. To refresh your body will function to bathe and change clothes. You will return to the hotel with unforgettable memories with the convenient transportation provided. Enjoy rafting adventure with Bali Fun is the right choice for adventure in river water. With complete facilities and also supported by professional and skilled staff on this classic adventure tour, the dream of adventure in Bali will be there.

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