Cooking classes Experiences have become increasingly popular as the island’s tropical cuisine gains wider appeal thanks to its rich ingredients, changeable spiciness levels for every palate, and fun preparation techniques. Courses are often packaged with early morning fish and farm market tours that let you discover the variety of fresh tropical sea creatures, meats, poultry, aromatic exotic spices and organically grown tropical fruits before your hands-on experience in recreating age-old traditional dishes – from satay varieties, fresh salad mixes with spicy sambal sauces and dips, to a range of healthy desserts. Here are Bali’s top spots that provide fun cooking courses for a different culinary experience, and from where you can bring home some exciting Balinese cooking classes experiences recipes and newly acquired skills. You’ll learn how to prepare a complete menu inclusive of appetizer, a variety of traditional mouth-watering entrees, accompanying dishes, and dessert. And rest assured you will easily be able to duplicate your experiences at home for your family and friends, while sharing photos and rekindling memories. We’ll even teach you how to make serving dishes and decorations out of banana leaves for a true Balinese gourmet meal learning experience.
Finish your cooking classes experiences enjoying your freshly made dessert and leave our home a true Balinese Gourmet Cuisine Chef. Our staff is fluent in English, all with professional background, and can easy answer any questions regarding a wealth of subjects ranging from techniques and ingredients to our Balinese lifestyle, Deities, and culture.

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