Sunrise Trekking

Join us for sunrise trekking to the top of Mount Batur (1717 meters). Also enjoy the beauty of the amazing volcano and its amazing scenery. Trekking starts on a dark morning (hiking sticks, and wet weather equipment will be provided, if needed). We will start climbing for 1-2 hours (not difficult) to arrive on time at the top of the mountain. We can watch the magnificent sunrise and enjoy the beautiful morning scenery surrounded by craters and lakes around it. Breakfast on the summit of Mount Batur will definitely impress you. Climbing the mountain is not too difficult and is suitable for most people (beginners) and children.

Mount Batur is one of the most interesting volcanoes in Indonesia and one of the easiest to climb. Nature lovers must visit Mount Batur because of the incredible views of the mountains around Mount Batur. Sunrise trekking and enjoying the view of Mount Batur in the morning must be one of your lists. The view on the summit of Mount Batur is so extraordinary that it makes us want to go there again. What are you waiting for, order now and feel the amazing and unforgettable moments.

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